Telehealth Dietitian Consultations

How Do Telehealth Consultations Work?

Online Dietitian Consultations are quality evidence-based nutrition sessions that you can receive closer to home and improves your access to nutrition healthcare.

It’s suitable for those who are carers, have busy lifestyles or live in remote areas, especially now with COVID recommendations and restrictions.

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Weight Management solutions by Dietitians for children, adults and the ageing

Accredited Practising Dietitians

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Telehealth Nutrition Consultations

Here you’ll get to have one to one care and expert advice to help you reach your nutrition goals, anywhere, Australia wide

Face to Face Nutrition Clinic

Our traditional face to face clinic is available at Suite 19, Westmead Private Hospital Cnr Mons & Darcy Rd, Westmead

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Australian Bariatric Dietitians can provide nutrition solutions at your workplace

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About Australian Bariatric Dietitians

“Hi! I’m Claudia Jahjah, Founder of Australian Bariatric Dietitians. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with clients to achieve their nutritional goals for almost 15 years. In addition to our traditional face to face clinic, Australian Bariatric Dietitians, is an online solution to assist all of your nutrition needs anywhere,  Australia wide.

Telehealth consultations are suitable for many types of nutrition conditions such as weight management, diabetes, food intolerances, family nutrition and more. We can assess, identify and provide you with medical nutrition therapy all online. You’ll receive more than just honest and professional nutrition support on your nutrition journey, you’ll also get a nutrition report, access to evidence-based resources, recommended products, video blogs and more.”

Claudia Jahjah APD, AN

Director & Accredited Practising Dietitian

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Your dietitian will help you achieve wellness through medical nutrition therapy

One to One Care at

Any Stage of your Journey

Our Accredited Practising Dietitians will provide you with a caring and personalised approach to your health and can help you achieve your nutrition goals. We offer a wide range of medical nutrition therapy advice on weight management (including bariatric surgery), diabetes, gut health, cholesterol-lowering, vegetarian and vegan diets, meal planning, family nutrition and more.

We are registered with Medicare and Private Health Funds. All referrals for TELEHEALTH during COVID are accepted.


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