The buzzword Telehealth is creating a storm as it has become our MAIN delivery of health care since the COVID outbreak. You may have heard this on television recently or from a department of health press release in an article, but what exactly is Telehealth? Do I receive the same service if I was to attend a face to face appointment? Are they helpful? 

Definition of Telehealth

For the textbook Peeps, ‘is the use of telecommunications and virtual technology to deliver health care’. 

How I like to describe it: ‘it’s a phone or video call to discuss about your health needs over a distance’.

Telehealth has been around in many practices for close to a decade, including my own, which I’ve used Telehealth consultations for over the last 4 years. This area is certainly growing and only will become more engaging in the upcoming months.

You would have traditionally thought of only having a consultation as a face to face. But only until you try Telehealth, you will discover the advantages of this health delivery method. With telehealth, you don’t have to take time off work for an appointment, sit around for hours in a waiting room, waste time traveling to and from your appointment, and receive health care sooner rather than later. You will also discover an appointment time that is flexible and better suited to your schedule! More now than ever do we need to embrace this type of health technology!

Why is Telehealth great? The great news is that Telehealth enables you to receive quality care closer to home and improves access to nutrition healthcare.

It’s suitable for those who are carers, have busy lifestyles or live in remote areas.

How do you use it? Telehealth service can be accessed by simply using your mobile phone, tablet or computer. There is no need for any software or downloads. A link will be emailed to you before your consultation. Simply click on the link at the time of your appointment and your Telehealth consultation will commence.

Am I going to receive the same service as a face to face consultation? Telehealth consultations are the same as face to face consultations, with a caring approach to your nutrition needs. A comprehensive health and medical background check, nutrition analysis, a needs assessment and goals are all still performed.

Your dietitian will determine if Telehealth is an appropriate and available option for you based on your health and nutrition needs.

Is Telehealth safe? It is safe. Your allied health practitioner when performing Telehealth should still be registered with their advisory board, follow the same code of ethics and professional standards as if it was face to face. All steps are still taken for confidentiality, security, and insurance practices. 

Get Started with Telehealth! If you have any questions about Telehealth, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. 

The evidence for successful healthcare with Telehealth is strong and Australian Bariatric Dietitians are ready to see you start your Telehealth journey with us. 


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